2/3 of the worlds 4.6 billion mobile phone subscriptions are in the developing world. Industry estimates show that over half a billion mobile phone subscribers live in Africa. This is twice the number of subscribers in 2008, which was eight years after the number of mobile phones first exceeded that of land-lines in the continent. Mobile phone usage has evolved incredibly over the past decade (with phone photography running close behind). I get pretty excited to be living in the time that mobile technologies will transform and boost development initiatives (e.g. in health, education and entrepreneurship) to unprecedented outcomes for a better world. But the best times are when pictures like these can make you forget what the fuss is all about..

Edward Echwalu - Documentary Photographer

The United States economy is nine times the size of Africa’s, but Africa has twice as many mobile phones according to Harvard Business Review (HBR).

Visually, Africa’s story is silently being told through these little gadgets. Unfortunately, many will remain as such. Silent.01

I am a perfect example on how good stories are photographed and stashed because they were taken on a mobile phone.

No wonder the only other thing more personal in my possession except my mind is a mobile phone. And that in itself underlines how important this tool is, not just in my personal life but professional one as well.02

Not until 15 months ago, a mobile phone to me was about making calls, texting and storing relevant phone contacts. And yes, playing some games too. That role however has drastically changed as i professionally grew as a photographer.03

Today I see a mobile phone as a…

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