Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

2012 was NOT the year I got engaged / married / pregnant, and I only came remotely close to finding my dream job … So I’m guessing it wasn’t meant to be.


At least half of my facebook “friends” did, and I “like”d it.

And I started a blog.

And I went to Mauritius on an all-expenses paid trip courtesy of my lovely little cousin NJ.



Goodbye 2012.

Hello 2013.

I only recovered from celebrating the end of last year two weeks into this one, but a lot has happened since the 14th.

First, after a lovely session over a minty pineapple smoothie with my life coach (actually she’s an executive occupational health consultant and I was like a pro-bono project), I got an epiphany. Let’s just say the last time I had an epiphany I became so happy with myself that a lot changed for the better.

Next, I was driving along and I noticed that Kenyans were obeying the fully functional traffic lights! 

Sadly, this was an inconvenient time for the lights to be red because a random homeless person with crazy eyes appeared at my window shaking his fists and threatening to call the police.

Note to self: give more to charities for the homeless this year.

And then, from a distance, I saw this happening:



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