I am a Master’s student of Development Communication who abruptly crossed over from a budding career in biomedical sciences. I’m also a serial intern working in the Public Health sector and loving it! It’s an asymmetrical life…

This blog is an exercise in self accountability, anti-procrastination and the dream of creating a hot spot for Development Communication resources, such as reviews of dominant discourses on issues in the field for beginners and students.

Along the way you’ll also encounter lots of other stuff written by a food addict, recovering procrastinator, avid stalker people-watcher, wannabe ‘local hero’ and borderline narcissist with a high embarrassment threshold.

There are quite a few Development / Corporate / Mass Communication blogs and websites out there and I intend to add links to the best of them as well as regular commentaries on my studies.

Comments welcome!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love how you worded “this blog is an exercise in self accountability, anti-procrastination” and that’s exactly why I blog… for self accountability.
    ℱα☂ℊ ḯ ґ ℓ ü﹩α 🍕

    • thanks FatGirlUSA! i got the same idea from your blog. i’ve had a love-hate relationship with food and weight for 13 years… thank you for all your helpful and inspiring posts, keep it up! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    my name is Nicola, from Italy, and like yourself I really get excited about innovation and startup. That’s why I think your site is outstanding!
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    Nicola, for the Eggup team.

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